How the Invisalign System works

Invisalign treatment follows the same biomechanical principles as traditional orthodontics, providing you with an advanced force system to achieve tooth movements predicted by our ClinCheck® software.

A straightforward process for straighter teeth.

  1. You take upper and lower impressions of the patient’s teeth (either in PVS form or using a 3-D digital scanner) and send them to us along with treatment objectives.
  2. Your patient’s impressions will be scanned and digitalised.
  3. You receive a virtual treatment plan showing the proposed movements of the patient’s teeth towards the desired outcome. You review this on our ClinCheck® software and request any modifications, if needed.
  4. Once you have approved the treatment plan, a series of customised clear aligners will be manufactured and shipped to your office.
  5. The patient changes their aligners approximately every 2 weeks. Check-up appointments are typically arranged for every 6-8 weeks to ensure the treatment is tracking against plan.